A unit of length commonly applied in the study of caldera volcanoes. Approximated by 1/2 an arm span of a tall university professor.
The pyroclastic fall deposit here is about yay thick *holds arms out to show size*.
by Aegerine October 10, 2014
something that can be expressed best with full on vibes. this term is a bright and shining light, of super goodness, that beams out of your solar plexus and third eye, when filled with joy and happiness. it will then saturate anyone or anything that is open to such frequencies, and the YAY will be passed on and on and on. hugs, songs, winks, smiles, snickers, any happy receptive touch, are all great examples of YAY stimulators. YAY!! it just feels good...
by voodoomama February 04, 2010
Slang for "cocaine"; Popular word used in California
"No idea how much yay i can bring in the states" T.I.
by y-DUB August 19, 2007
a word used when really happy, or faking really happy
raising both arms in the air and waving them back and forth.
usually used in conjuntion with the words: sweet, totally, dude, and awesome.
yay!! our fashion project is totally awesome!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
haha, i love sara.
by madilyn October 11, 2006
Used as a conversation place hoder. ie when you cant think of anything else to say. (usually with little or no emotion - to confirm that you were listening)
Person1: ...and so thats how i came to have a ferret up my clacker.
Person2: yay.
by louis October 17, 2001
1. Slang for Cocaine.
2. Slang for cocaine that is relatively cheaper than the real stuff because it has been cut into a much less pure form.
3. An expression of enthusiasm or joy, often meant to be facetious.
Yay, a bag of Daz!
by Illusion420 August 31, 2010
Often used as an exclamation for joyous occasions. Also sometimes used as a slang term for "this" when describing an object or person.
Man: Did you see a man go by, about yay tall?
by Happpinesss June 04, 2010
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