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Pronounced (Yuh-Meh)

Yame is a word that can be added to a sentence to increase the depth. A sentence spicer-upper if you will. Yame can be elongated to show more effect (exmp. yameeeee).
You have a huge schlong yame!
Hey, Yame, get the heak back here! Yame!
Wow, that party last night was off the chain!! yameeeee
by Baby Fartz Megeezack December 20, 2009
Prounounced: (Yuh - May)
Yame is a universal word, can be used in any form you wish. Usually used as a celebratory term replacing "yay" but there are many other forms.
I just beat the shit out of a bum! Yame!
I just ate a big bowl of yame.
That guy is such a yame.
What the yame are you doing?
I just got the shit beat out of me by a bum. Yame...
by thompson. October 20, 2009
A town in the Fukuoka prefecture, Japan, that is famous for it's green tea.
1. Where did you get that tea from?
2. Yame
1. Good, it's not that sweetened Arizona crap.
by Kotegawa September 19, 2013
An african king, hot , charming, makes everyone laugh , loves sports and also awesome!
Man i wish i was like yame!
by yamzz February 21, 2009
someone or something that is barely functional, and near the point of conking out completely.
I wondered why my car was so yames until I discovered someone had poured syrup in my gas tank.

by Dawna Hunter May 26, 2006
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