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A girl who is the best kind you can find. She's smart, one-of-a-kind, adorable, sweet, sexy, hot, amazing, talented, beautiful, bitchy, evil, diabolical, and she's gonna take over the world one day. Watch out, cuz that girl has a great attitude she knows how to use! Awesome body, too.....
Ugly girl: I wish I was a Meli. They're amazing
by yoyoyo45262 June 09, 2009
The hottest mofo ever! A sexy brunette who is always looking for fun
Omg look at Melis-she is so fine I wanna do her!
by Elif March 24, 2007
A pretty girl who is always nice to someone, she is like an angel sent down from heaven. She's very hilarious and one in a million. She can get along with absolutely anyone but however her heart gets broken easily- she's very fragile.
Melis is always smiling
by NAILPOLISHLOVER April 26, 2011
the prettiest girl to ever live on the planet and is to good for any guy in the world
man why is Meli so perfect?
by kihs December 11, 2011
.. Turkish version of the Greek female name Melisa. May be attributed to the lemon balm flower.
'melis is not a greek name, therefore the person with that name is not greek'
by loisier May 08, 2006
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