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verb (heaked, heaking): to bludgeon a slut with a spiked heel shoe; must be wielded by another slut in attempt to bring great harm during a bitch fight.
i was eating a buttery bub and this skank totally heaked me from out of nowhere
by Dr. Lyndon Baines Messer January 19, 2008
An tweenage/teenage girl (usually age 11-18) that takes photographs from the bathroom mirror at a very intense angle. Puts emphisis on her forehead and purses the lips outwards. Then starts to bring his or her arm stretched out like an orangutang reaching for its banana. They often post extremely emo statuses about how their boyfriend of two weeks broke their heart and how their parents ruined their life because they took away their phone. They are very religious, and worship Justin Bieber and Edward Cullen as their gods, thinking that somehow, someday, they will end up marrying them.
Ugh, yes, what a heak.
by DelosHopplers August 07, 2011
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