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netspeek for "you fucked up"
Management doesn't hand out much praise, but they seem to provide dishes of YFU.
by allbad August 25, 2005
You freed Up? A question you ask an attractive person who is dating someone else whilst you wait your turn.
Man to Rihanna (off of music fame): "Hey YFU?"
Rihanna: "Sure am!"
Man: "Is it my turn?"
by GMLK May 14, 2013
You Fucked Up Stupid
Bob - "Dude, I got drunk and banged a fat chick."
Tim - "...YFUS."
by smilinbob March 18, 2010
Text abbreviation for "You're Fucking Up". Must be pronounced "Ya Fackin Ap" in speech
Not Hoppa: Hoppa, did you forget to feed the fish for the last 45 days? Because they're all dead and this bag of food expired 2 months ago.
Hoppa: Oh yeah, sorry man I just got caught up editing this short film.
Not Hoppa: YFU.
by ryangoebel December 16, 2013
You fucked up.
figure out how to unfuck it. YFY
you fucked with the wrong bitch
by PineappleJuice March 06, 2015
You Fucked Up.

Usually used on discussion boards, when one does something wrong.
Nevertheless, it has a friendly connotation.
by YFU April 30, 2011
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