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4 definitions by allbad

Another way of telling someone they can f-off
If the boss doesn't like my my idea, he can lick me where I shit.
by allbad June 22, 2005
38 9
One who wears electronic gear such as bluetooth headsets on the ear and PDA's on the belt and approach looking like a Borg on Star Trek.
Marvin: huh huh, look Jerry's wearing a bluetooth headset. Now you can call me "one of seven".

Lenny: whatever, borg dork.
by allbad December 21, 2006
8 3
19:18:52 <allbad> Yo Lamo, LMWIS, k?
by allbad June 22, 2005
5 2
netspeek for "you fucked up"
Management doesn't hand out much praise, but they seem to provide dishes of YFU.
by allbad August 25, 2005
9 10