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A Japanese term for people who are half Asian and half white. It means Half in Japanese. Usually, they have big, almond brown or hazel eyes. North-Asian Hoppas are pale, whereas Southeast-Asian Hoppas are extremely tan. Many have freckles.
"Dude, you can tell she's hoppa! Big, almond eyes and freckles."
by Laura Ann November 16, 2006

noun: A mildly un-endearing term to characterize a woman who frivolously hops from bed to bed seeking sexual intercourse with multiple partners.

Note: A marked accentuation of the initial 'haaa' denotes the degree to which a woman ‘hops’.

See also:

Hoppore (n): A woman who is repeatedly caught hopping.

Hoppway (v): A 3-way involving at least one hoppa.

Hoppasition (n): Resistance or dissent, expressed in action or argument against hoppas.

Hoppatunistic (a): A woman who exploits chances offered by immediate circumstances without reference to a general plan or moral principle in an effort to gain hoppa status.
Gary: Hey Jean, did you hear Judith slept with two roommates in the same apartment this weekend?
Jean: AND she's meeting up with a Tinder match across town tonight?
Gary: Hoppa!!
Jean: Hoppaaaaa!!!!
by Harlet December 02, 2013
from jewish descent; an altar
This is a hoppa, or you might call it, a jew stand
by BEAL November 24, 2004
A word used among people of the eastern european region to indidcate that a huge difficulty is about to take its toll; also used to achieve powers tbat prevent accidents or give strength
Hoppa, Hoppa that was a close call, I almost crashed into that maserati
by lex2000 December 26, 2003
To stick one's thumb in another persons arsehole.
(to be hoppaed)
by rancid potatoes August 02, 2003
the idea of fingering ur arsehole after the movies
"well guess wat so and so fingered his arsehole after the movies"
by Dale March 21, 2003
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