Ya dig? (pronounced: yuh-dig)
To show that you are for something.
John was buying grapes.
John: I like grapes. Ydg???
by AlexEnglishd00d November 16, 2009
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Updated Definition;
The origins of YDG have been discovered to be from Philip Manansala, guitarist of Of Mice & Men.

YDG means Yadig!?
Don't get it twisted, Phil Manansala is the original, YDG?!
by tFTW August 01, 2009
Same thing Hfizzle said except she forgot one key point... YDG means "YADIGG?!". Yes, for the inept that is the same as "You dig?" or even the further correct form, "Do you dig?".

..and yes Jaxin, we dig.
"Dude, I just heard the fall tour plans for Of Mice & Men, YDG?"
by tFTW June 04, 2009
Noun: Means yah dig?. many believe Jaxin Coined this term but its actually Phil manansala
Of Mice & Men,ydg?
by iwresltedaPANDA July 31, 2009
A term coined by Jaxin Hall from Of Mice & Men in response to the FML over-usage.
A way to express when good things happen to you or someone you know.
"Dude, I totally got a new car today, YDG?"
by hfizzlee June 01, 2009
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