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A short-hand version of the phrase "young cunt". Typically used in emails and text messages (where appropriate).
Let's hope the yc gets the job done.

There's a group of yc's in the park.

Hello, I'm a yc.
by .S. January 02, 2012
the abbreviation for the underground punk alternative band, Yellowcard
No, but Im sure its great! YC 4 life!
by J3r3mysk8 April 22, 2011
Yuba City. Town an hour north of Sacramento.
Hey back in Y.C. we...

What's Y.C.?

Yuba City
by L to the 4th May 19, 2011
Used over any form of textual communication, usually SMS. It can mean either Your Crazy or Your Cute. The reciever will usually be able to determine which it is from the message they sent previously.
The "your crazy" variant
Girl: Do you think im fat?
Guy: Are you kidding!? Your almost too skinny! Your perfect!
Girl: yc

The "your crazy" variant
Guy: today Ashley asked me if i thought she was fat.
Girl: Gross, did you vomit and say yes?
Guy: No, i told her she was not fat.
Girl: yc
by Stephen... August 18, 2005
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