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Young Calf Syndrome. A condition in which the entire female office staff wants the junk of the new, young, virile male employee. Bored with the old bulls, these women (regardless of age or marital status) crave the fresh loin of this young stud. Initially unaware of this condition, the young calf frequently receives sexts from wet office hotties who looked up his number in the office directory. This condition often results in decreased office productivity, employee of the month, and in very rare cases... mad cow disease.
Guy 1: Dude, remember that new job I was telling you about?

Guy 2: Yeah, how's that going?

Guy 1: It's good, but I keep getting dirty texts from women at the office

Guy 2: Oh shit. Are you the youngest guy there?

Guy 1: Yeah, actually. Why?

Guy 2: Well, I hope you got the Costco pack of condoms because you've got a bad case of YCS.
by Just another young calf August 20, 2010
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