the male reproductive organ
look at his fat yam
by the yamster214 September 02, 2008
Butt cheeks.
She smacked her yams in delight!
by Moose69 July 25, 2008
to suck on the male genitalia. to give mass dome. the big B-O-P. head son.
damnn shawty be yammin all nighh' long!
yam now, you fuckin bitch!
i love me some good yam sessions! oh shiiit
by Lindsay and Jennifer April 26, 2008
universal meaning. can mean anything. created by Athens Academy students in the 10th grade.
This math homework is yam.
Ahhh yam, i got a 30 on this test
Yam, I won.
by Rusty Trumbone April 17, 2007
Collectively illegal items that one would hide at his or her auntie's house.
I quickly realized exactly what neighborhood I was in when I heard the dealer yell, "Yams for sale!" What I was doing on this side of the river, I hadn't the slightest idea.
by Nutrix August 22, 2005
Acronym. 'Yet another meeting'. A YAM is a pointless meeting organised by an over-zealous manager who feels that a) having a meeting is a form of work and b) he is not doing his job if he isn't talking to his staff CONSTANTLY and stopping them doing something useful.
'Can't talk now, I've got to go into a YAM. Again.'
by The Moai April 14, 2005
Y'am is a shortened version of Yes i am.
often varies to "mmmm'y'am" being a thoughtful y'am.
Dude, you there?
by VisualShock September 27, 2006

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