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Wife that withholds sex for the greater good (i.e. stopping a war, saving a kitten).
Man 1: Sorry man, but I can't go bar-hopping today...
Man 2: Well, why not?
Man 1: I have to re-roof the leaky section over my kid's room.
Man 2: But you said yesterday (and I quote), "Ah, screw that. Let's get beer!"
Man 1: Yeah, well, my wife's a crazed lysistrata.
by Necoyama December 22, 2007
a coed shower, involving 1:1 proportion of males to females, generally involved in activities of erotic nature; portmanteau of shower, sex, she, men, Tex-Mex, and Chex-Mix.
Dude 1: Hey, I just walked in on your dad and some chick in the shower, all rubbing each other! It was totally a hot shexmex up in there.

Dude 2: That's my sister. She's 4.
by necoyama February 23, 2009
Generally used in place of a exclamatory curse word or expletive to show casual indifference and annoyance to a situation.
Johnny: Weren't you supposed to take out the trash before 6:00? It's almost 5:50.

Bob: Mehcakes.
by necoyama December 06, 2008
A shower or bath related activity that espouses lesbian/homoerotic elements amongst the all-female body participating; onomatopoeia of the broken dildo that generally accompanies the women.
Guy 1: I just saw my sister go into the shower.

Guy 2: But my sister's in there already!

Guys 1&2: ...

Guy 1: Zhower time.

Guy 2: Wanna' peek?
by necoyama March 19, 2009
A man's crop.
Taken from Chinua Achebe's book, "Things Fall Apart."

"Yam, the king of crops, was a man's crop."

Wife: What would you like to go with the pot roast, dear?

Husband: Yams.

Wife: But we had yams just yesterday! Wouldn't some asparagus be nice?

Husband: I want yams. With butter and salt.

Wife: Why are you so hooked on yams?

Husband: Because yams are a MAN'S crop!
by necoyama March 19, 2009

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