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a loud meow or wail made by a feline.
When I forget to feed her, my cat will yam at me.
by Lady Firecat March 06, 2008
The act of throwing up. To throw up.
"Dude, i'm about to yam."
by ILLINI November 18, 2007
YAM is a black person that hides in the interwebs, but usally hides out in forums, where he is not much Appricated
WTF YAM Is Here.
Everyone Lave YAM is Here.
by WillyWalrus June 22, 2013
To Yam; verb (yammation, yamming, yammed): to invoke pain on another by forcefully shoving them into a high school locker using your shoulder.
Brett: Yo man! Did you see the huge bruise on Devins arm?
Gene: Ya! I heard he got yammed by Mike. Apparently he took a crap on his lawn.
Brett: Unfortunate.
by lawldagawl September 15, 2010
1. n. To defecate or shit, drop a log, take a dump, etc..
I'll be right back, I gotta go drop a yam
by Jack McCracken January 03, 2008
A dance that never caught on. Fred Astaire sang a song about "doing the yam" but instant hipness failed him on this score. The continental was more successful
Hey, everybody, let's yam!
by nick cusa September 14, 2006
verb: The process by which someone engages in sexual activity

The desire to have or engage in a sexual activity with someone
She could get the yams
Would you give him/her the yams?
I got the yams last night

Seuss: what were you doing last night?
O: I was getting the yams
by Mc Yammer January 26, 2011