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Godlike, inhuman, superior, etc.
Xion is the best.
by Xion November 17, 2003
Xion is the new character in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. She is No. XIV in the Orginization and wields a keyblade like Roxas does. She can command the power of light just like Roxas.

Friggin Mary-sue!!! Honestly, she's a combination of Kairi, Roxas and Sora... some even believe she's like other characters.

She cockblocks Akuroku and practically ruins it. All of the Akuroku fangirls are VERY disappointed, and angry.

Some say there is a romantic connection between Roxas and Xion, especially in her death scene where Roxas says "Who will I have Ice-cream with?"
Others say there is a connection between her and Axel, because he chooses to save her instead of Roxas. (It's in the talk with Saix)

There's also one thing I figured out... You know how she's a puppet? And the first one they've made? Her name is No.I
Xion. Take away the X, No. stands for Number, and I is roman numeral for one. MARY-SUE GODDAMMIT.
A Mary-sue who ruined Roxas' life and our yaoi D:<

Damn you Xion. You just had to come along... and ruin it all.
by Janeru-chan March 16, 2010
A character within Kingdom Hearts 358/2 and has breif appearances in other games within the Kingdom Hearts series afterwards. Her anagram, No.i means No, as in nothing. The i does not reference the number I in roman numerals meaning 1 as many think, but the imaginary number i, meaning no number.

She takes the form of many people connected to Sora, taking the appearance of herself to many characters, Sora to Xemnas, and later Roxas just before her death, Ventus(Ven) for Xigbar, and a hooded puppet to Saix.

After dying in 358/2 Days, she has made a small appearance in Birth by Sleep during the secret ending and Re:Coded. Her most recent appearance was in the 3D trailer, where she is shown holding her Keyblade up to Roxas in CGI graphics.

Inside the fanon she is one of the most debated characters in the fandom. Many debate her existance in the fandom, calling her a Sue.
1)She weilds a Keyblade
2)She's the 14th member of Organization XIII
3)She's a replica of Roxas with Sora's memories looking like Kairi
4)She is able to destroy Akuroku and Soriku(explained later)

Xion is also paired with many characters in both het and Yuri pairings. Namely:

Many Yaoi fans and pre-358/2 game players are against her existance in the game, and she is both loved and hated by all fans. Everyone has different opinions on her role in the game.
Xion is the XIV of Organization XIII.

"Xion get's in the way of Akuroku and should die!"~The words of an Akuroku fangirl

"Xion is an amazing character who adds depth to the story."~A Xion fan.

"Xion belongs with so many guys in the series."~Various Xion het pairing fangirls
by PeachPikachuYoshi December 22, 2011
rumoured alien millitary installations on Mars and Venus
If we strike first, we will be making a mistake.
by lost hope November 12, 2003
Fanmade episodes of a girl cosplaying Xion (character from kingdom hearts) made by MonsterPrincessLala.
"Did you ever see that Angry Xion video?" " Yeah it was so freakin' funny!"
by SailorVChan May 18, 2010
what the hell is this.
xion needs a new name
by lysander March 24, 2003
hello john i know where ur key is by ur door
stfu please
by carlo is fat March 28, 2003
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