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1 definition by Janeru-chan

Xion is the new character in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. She is No. XIV in the Orginization and wields a keyblade like Roxas does. She can command the power of light just like Roxas.

Friggin Mary-sue!!! Honestly, she's a combination of Kairi, Roxas and Sora... some even believe she's like other characters.

She cockblocks Akuroku and practically ruins it. All of the Akuroku fangirls are VERY disappointed, and angry.

Some say there is a romantic connection between Roxas and Xion, especially in her death scene where Roxas says "Who will I have Ice-cream with?"
Others say there is a connection between her and Axel, because he chooses to save her instead of Roxas. (It's in the talk with Saix)

There's also one thing I figured out... You know how she's a puppet? And the first one they've made? Her name is No.I
Xion. Take away the X, No. stands for Number, and I is roman numeral for one. MARY-SUE GODDAMMIT.
A Mary-sue who ruined Roxas' life and our yaoi D:<

Damn you Xion. You just had to come along... and ruin it all.
by Janeru-chan March 16, 2010