Promoting the names of personal acquaintances in the hope of getting attention. Stop posting definitions of your personal acquaintances
Seriously, these 1,000 definitions about Liza are clogging up the artery that is urbandictionary.
by Not Zane September 04, 2004
Top Definition
it is incorrect to use "this" when not followed by a noun or participle.

in the example below we see the confusion that can be caused when "this" is left hanging. in the correct sentence, we see that the reader now knows not only that a dildo is frequently stuck up their asses, but we now know which dildo, "this dildo".
Wrong: It seems that many people who post on urbandictionary are 13 years old, have anywhere from 3 - 7 pubic hairs, and often stick this up their ass.
Right: It seems that many people who post on urbandictionary are 13 years old, have anywhere from 3 - 7 pubic hairs, and often stick this dildo up their ass.
by iwastoodrunk March 29, 2004
This dictionary was created as a resource for people who wanted to learn the latest slang terms. Lately, it has been used to degrate the mental well-being of many different individuals. This is not what this was created for. By using it in that sense, this site has lost whatever dignity it had to begin and has damaged feelings of people who did not even realize they were being made fun of behind their backs, and for the entire world to see. For all the people who have "cracked" on other people, or completley decimated the character of another person I ask you: What have you accomplished? Do you feel good when you make others feel bad? Do you think that people will like you more if you hurt someone else intentionally? All you have done by tarnishing the image of someone else virtually is destroy your own image in real life.
Cruel People may never learn from their mistakes....
by Andrew Camerson February 11, 2003
Wrong uses for this is writing defintions for such things as "wrong uses for this."
Wrong uses for this would be bashing people on UD, or using it as a forum.
by TornReality October 05, 2004
There are 56 year olds reading this thing? Wow.

That's really creepy, if you think about it for a while. Like, "pervert learning how to befriend preteens in AOL chatrooms" creepy.
There is an "insults" category, so why not?
by ElPocoBiadlo March 08, 2004
If it's free and unrestricted, even imbeciles who can peck out gibberish and press Send to Urban Dictionary can feel like they are contributing to a living, breathing literary process.
by Maven May 11, 2004
there is no wrong use for this. it is what it is. get over it if you cant take a joke, and if someone says something that bothers you, go somewhere else.
if you get upset because someone is 'using this site wrong' you are a herb, a total timmy, and a major tron.
by eli bizzy March 09, 2004
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