To Worm - Lightly sedating oneself by the use of Klonopin, Xanax, alcohol, or a mixture of the three, to the point where one feels as if they are a worm. Subjects will often demonstrate worm-like behavior while laying on soft carpet, plush furniture, and sometimes even hardwood floors (for the dedicated wormer).
1. "I want to worm tonight."
2. "Did you see how Timmy was worming last night?"
3. "What's up worm?" (referring to a close friend)
4. "I wormed pretty hard the other day."
5. "I'm going to go worm on the carpet later."
by hlaalu July 14, 2014
noun--fluffy dogs that wiggle and have teeth like sharks. Must have puffy heads and shrimp-tails. They can smile. Sometimes known as a shrimp-tailed snuffler. May also be referred to as a slug.
"Wow, that worm must be excited because it sure is wiggling."
"Have you seen that worm's shrimp-tail? It's puffed and twitching"
"Look at that worm on that porch."
by WormDoctor July 01, 2013
A man who lives like a worm; Someone who gets with girls and shows them a great time only to treat them like shit afterward
Does that poor girl know she is about to sleep with a Worm?
by Worm28 October 19, 2009
Another word for a penis.
Fundo wanted to put his worm in the apple, but not without a mackintosh.
by authOOr June 30, 2006
meaning a non developed penis
example .. with no balls or helmet
hmm isnt ___ fit !?

er no way he so has a worm !!
by iamarrrrrrr October 03, 2009
A two-faced spy. Usually a coward who'd sell his friends, Leader, or country to the Enemy for power.
Wormtounge betrayed Rohan for Eowyn and the Gold

Wormtail betrayed his friends out of fear
by Bill June 19, 2004
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