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Grand Theft Auto 4. It will be released for the PS3 and XB360 around October 2007.
GTA IV is gonna fucking own!!!
by ChaosWolf May 14, 2006
Bitches who (like Jack Thompson) hate violent video games/ movies and try to censor anything and everything that is evil and/or satanic. She usally drives a huge-ass Minivan and/or SUV. She doesn't buy her kids T rated games, let alone M and AO rated games. To her, up to PG is the only movie rating her kids can watch. She also has an utter hatred for anime. Her kids are usually on the honor roll and participates in many after-school activities as possible (usually soccer). Some other activities her little fuckers might be in is Football, Basketball, Baseball, Band, etc. She sometimes volunteers at their kid's school and goes on school trips with them. Their home computer is installed with NetNanny or some other shit program that blocks "non-approprite material/content". The TV is installed with the V-Chip and has every TV rating show blocked except for TV-Y.
Soccer Moms suck and should die.
by ChaosWolf May 07, 2006
A waste of body cells. A waste of life. A being unworthy to breathe the same air as you.
Jack Thompson, the videogame hating lawyer, is a worm.
by ChaosWolf September 02, 2006
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