White Old Rich Men. Referring to well, white old rich men that seem to control most of the government activities.

Most republicans are worms by definition.

Also, similar to wasp.
Man, have you ever seen a bigger worm than Bush?
by wishopeace July 08, 2009
An apprentice on an oil drilling crew.
We need to change out the drill bit. Get the worm over here to help you trip the pipe out of the ground.
by Dan July 20, 2008
(verb) To add to a graphics worm; to post onto the graphics worm's web page. Usually an action done by a site/forum administrator.
Vik just finished his worm piece, so I wormed it.
by Pokedude24 October 15, 2007
a word also used for a man's naughty no no area
hey babe want to play with my worm
by melissa August 26, 2004
n. a SoCal dude who selfishly pursues chicks, even after having known that the chicks have already been claimed by a certain guy or guys.
That dude just wormed our chicks. What are we gonna do now?
by P.A. December 21, 2004
To make a mistake.
He wormed up his test in school and got a D.
by Joseph Poon August 22, 2003
the effect of having to defecate within minutes of eating your last meal due to having eaten too much too often.
Sorry, I can't make dinner tonight I'm trying to kill my worm.
by SteelFish July 12, 2004

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