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When you pull a woman's dress over her head and tie it in a top-knot in order to have sex with her. Best used when a woman has a killer body, but her face looks like a train wreck.
Damn, she's got a nice ass, but I'd have to pull an operation onion on it.
by Joe666_69 March 03, 2008
When you wish to kidnap someone, but cannot find a suitable piece of cloth, you can sneak up behind them and drape your nuts over their eyes, giving them an Arabian blindfold.
When 007 was vacationing at the nudest colony, Jaws had no other option than to use an arabian blindfold on him after knocking him out.

During one of William Tell's famous demonstrations of archery skill, he forgot to bring his blindfold cloth. Thinking the show was ruined, Mr. Tell was despondent until one of the audience members offered to give him an Arabian blindfold, thus saving the day.
by Joe666_69 March 03, 2008
When you drink so much that not only do you lose the ability to walk, but also the ability to crawl...Your only option for travel becomes shifting your weight around on the ground making your movement resemble a worm.
When Matt tried to worm it into my house, I noticed that he had pissed himself from drinking so damn much - so I had to lock the door before he got there.
by Joe666_69 November 24, 2008
Only possible when prevailing air currents are transferring air from your ass to your nose...Breaking wind when not respecting the environmental conditions results in a Polish boomerang.
The other day I was laying in bed with the fan on and had to fart...Little did I know I was about to launch a Polish Boomerang.
by Joe666_69 July 28, 2011
The complete bullshit accounting practice of using ever-increasing spending and revenues as the starting point. This assumes that the private sector of an economy will grow at a steady pace regardless of government's interference by way of more regulations and removing the incentives to produce. Also allows political parties to cry over "cuts" which are in reality projecting spending increases below their current baseline.
John Boner announced $1T in cuts over ten years using baseline budgeting, but the actual numbers show steady increases in Federal Spending.
by Joe666_69 July 28, 2011
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