Something that a thing is; used to describe something, but is not an adjective.
"What's that, Jeremy? Oh, it's a word!"
by McDonald's Inc. June 17, 2016
Words are made up of letters
To make a word you need letters
by Youtube Man January 14, 2016
How retarded can you be to look up the definition of "word" on urban dictionary?
guy 1: yo some dumbass looked up the definition of "word on urban dictionary"

guy 2: say word.
by Define scrub January 08, 2016
To agree with something.
Guy: I like pizza!

Other Guy: Word, man.
by RandomHumanBeing January 04, 2014
Something a smart-ass searchs up.
Brecken wanted to be a smart ass so he looked up word.
by Jmcphee August 01, 2011
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