A nick name given unto a person who is accidentally called a derogatory term via text message.
When you're texting lewd words to a person and one of those words happens to get sent to an innocent person because their text message interrupted the typing and sending of the lewd comment to the intended target; they're nickname from then on shall be 'word'
by JasperJones5030 April 02, 2010
a word often used by surfers.
surfer 1: dude those waves are totally narley!
surfer 2: word.
by ashley kinsky June 24, 2007
A question expressing both acknowledgement and amazed trusting disbelief. Used when one has not been listening to any seemingly nonsensical gibberrish spoken by a beautiful woman with nice breasteses, but still wants to express acknowledgement that one is listening, so as to ensure continued friendship.
"Wgggs sgsd vfgsefwevf wefve wfew wetvt ertv dhfd retvertvsr cerewc."

by J.O.H. December 30, 2005
A word proccessing program created by Microsoft and used by many.
I use Microsoft Word to do my essays.
by Mystikal August 02, 2005
What someone is in agreement in another person's way of saying somthing
"Hey that girl is so fine."
by **Tyler** April 07, 2003
Well Said!
Give props to Fred Durst? Word.

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