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1. Used as a statement to mean "Yes", "That's true", "I agree", etc.
2. Used as a question to mean "Are you serious?", "Is that true?", "Is that the case?", etc.
1. Person #1: That chick is DOPE!
Person #2: WORD!!!
2. Person #1: I just found out my girl is pregnant.
Person #2: WORD???
by A-L-B March 30, 2006
A gangsta's amen
Bless this food, word
by Cwalkyo April 17, 2009
usually said when you agree with something someone said
"yo he is so hot"
by teen gal August 12, 2007
A slang term, usually used in place of "hell yea" or "for real" (whether as a question or a statement)
Ben Affleck was da bomb in Phantoms, though.
Word bitch, Phantoms like a mothafucker!

man them bitches were all up on me last night
by -Pete D.- July 24, 2007
"word" originated from a gangsta' who at first said "word" as a sign of affirmation, however most other gangstas thought this was stupid, and they decided to keep it gangsta by popping a few caps in that nigga's ass.

these very gangstas then looked upon the original sayer of "word" as an idol, for having been shot.

forever after other gangstas used "word" as a "yes."
Gansta 1: Imma pop a cap!
Gansta 2: Word!

White Boy: -frightened-
by Jaynik May 08, 2006
A greeting of hipsters of the past. Currently it is a greeting by stuffy middle aged people to make themselves feel with the times.
As manager Bob walks by his new employee with sagging pants he deepens his voice and says Word. The two laugh. Bob thinks he has bonded with the new employee when in reality he has only proven that he is indeed a tool.
by Kimmermcd August 22, 2013
Beautiful things that most people on the internet have no chance of understanding.

(The word "words" as it is required.)
by bgfzcbfcfebvbvfh June 09, 2013