"Word" is a positive responce to a question or statement.
Yo homie, wanna hit da clubs tonight?
by Curtis Tompkins. July 31, 2005
1. Used as a statement to mean "Yes", "That's true", "I agree", etc.
2. Used as a question to mean "Are you serious?", "Is that true?", "Is that the case?", etc.
1. Person #1: That chick is DOPE!
Person #2: WORD!!!
2. Person #1: I just found out my girl is pregnant.
Person #2: WORD???
by A-L-B March 30, 2006
What usually occurs on urbandictionary.com when morons don't understand how to use brackets in the proper manner. I mean, I'm reading the instructions right now and it's easy shit. How can these morons fuck that up!?!?!
Jimmy posted a definition on here and wanted to link it to other words to better help the reader understand his definition. Unfortunately, he's a fuck up and put word all over the place instead of simply placing brackets around the word he wanted to link. Idiot.
by bAc0Nb0Y December 03, 2003
Can be used in place of "really?" or "you fa-serious?"
person #1: Yo Shawty, the po-po's just took Lil D up to da cell!
person #2: WORD?
by J-BoogSiiLLeStShAwDii June 11, 2003
Bird is the word. Bird will always be THE word. This is referring to the song Surfin Bird by the Trashmen. The whole world needs to know about the bird.
Don't cha know about the bird?
Well everybody knows that the bird is the word!
Bird bird bird is the word!
by Birdistheword12 October 29, 2011
To type up a text in Microsoft Office Word.
Andrew: I'll go word this english essay in a moment.
by englishdude23 March 09, 2011
Affirm what you just heard. Shorter than "That is so true".
- "Oprah is such a bitch."
- "Word."
by tlescouhier December 26, 2010
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