Beautiful things that most people on the internet have no chance of understanding.

(The word "words" as it is required.)
by bgfzcbfcfebvbvfh June 09, 2013
In other words, "cool" or "awesome".
John: Hey man, did you hear about the concert saturday night?
Rob: Yeah dude, its gonna be so word!


Kate: Did you watch the Oscars last night?
Courtney: Definitely, Angelina Jolie's dress was word.
by cutiewithabootayyyy March 17, 2011

1) well said

2) said in a agreement or as an affirmative response to a question

3) can be used as a greeting.

( for 1 and 2 also see "I heard that." and "Amen" and "Yes")

Disambiguation - Also a popular bloated word processing software product from a Redmond, WA based software marketing company.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) San Francisco - also seems to have indicated that this expression puts her in some sort of trance.

( origins unknown, but seems like it is street slang from an ebonics dialect. Some say it comes from hip-hop culture.)
1) Obama's failing Statist big government, big spending policies are bad for our country. (response ...Word.)

2.) You goin' to that rave tanite* ? response ....word

3) (used upon encounter with someone - usually a bro' or dawg or homey, sometimes a bud ) - word up - also see - 'sup, what up and what's up

*tanite - see tonight and tonite and 2nite
by majikman August 28, 2010
A nick name given unto a person who is accidentally called a derogatory term via text message.
When you're texting lewd words to a person and one of those words happens to get sent to an innocent person because their text message interrupted the typing and sending of the lewd comment to the intended target; they're nickname from then on shall be 'word'
by JasperJones5030 April 02, 2010
Word means I agree with you.
Like WORD Homie!!!!!!
by S.T.E.P.H.A.N.I.E April 15, 2008
used to express agreement or approval
(statement)"I'm making stir fry for dinner tonight."
(statement)"Everyone's meeting at the bar tonight after work. Are you coming?"
by Jooreeloo August 10, 2007
a word often used by surfers.
surfer 1: dude those waves are totally narley!
surfer 2: word.
by ashley kinsky June 24, 2007

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