Another word for chill, cool, or sweet.
Wow! Thats so woofer!
by Keli B August 06, 2007
One of eith of the two extreme ends of gothic Sub Culture.

1.) The D&D player in black clothing who may actually think they are a magician or vampire. These are the uber-geeks that hang out stinking of patchouli oil.

2.) The over established, and usually older Goths that are fixtures in the scene, and by who others try to be cool through association. They are so blinding, as well as self deceiving in there gothdom that they don’t realize they are typically a half decade or more late, and several thousand dollars worth of lip service clothes short of having managed to become productive members of society.
"Is that guy actually wearing a cape and fangs? What a Woofer"

"That Woofer has been wearing those same black vinyl pants for a decade. They went from cool, to over-done, to old school"
by FireMoth February 20, 2006
A person who sniffs pussy fart and eats cheese tit.
In other words, they are retarded, mofo's.
Scotty B is such a woofer, he won't tell us what "keerunch" means.
by The Foolishness July 20, 2004

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