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a bird that pecks wood but also is when you tap your erect penis on the girls head while she sucks your balls
"oh man I gave her a woodpecker last night!"
by peter October 24, 2003
Quite possibly the most annoying bird there is.
It's 8am and after 4 hours of sleep I just got woken up bc some damn woodpecker decided to bang its head against a tree.
by cny84 April 09, 2006
When your lady friend is on all fours in the 'doggy' position, you start lapping away at her lady garden with your tongue. The nose starts prodding away at the butthole like a woodpecker at a fresh piece of bark.

Can combine with exhaling sharply once the nose is in. She will then fart out your snot.
Not to be done to any old slut, the Woodpecker is an act of true love.
I'd woodpecker that bitch until my whole nose was up her asshole, then I'd blow my nose in her shitter.

I woodpeckered the mrs a treat last night. She was blowing snot bubbles out her ass for hours on end.
by Bibmeister General October 05, 2010
As the chick licks on your nuts, peck her forehead with your dick
by Sticky April 04, 2003
The act of waking up someone then when they rise up with your erect penis slap them across the face.
I just woodpeckered the shit outta jack
by keeferinhurr January 28, 2011
A dildo from the 1800's.
Make sure you sand that wood-pecker really smooth, we don't want anyone getting any splinters in their vagina or ass hole!
by Roger Buttram January 19, 2007
woodpecker (n). a woman who performs
rapid, hands-free horatio. From the
movement of the bird's head as she hammers
your trunk.
She's a real woodpecker.
by C February 24, 2004