The half of the human race which has the burden and weakness imposed with reproduction. They are physically, psychologically, and emotionally weaker than their male counterparts. This is due to a shorter developmental period, a smaller body, a smaller brain with fewer cells, and the physical and mental dead weight imposed with reproductive organs. Women also have an underdeveloped sense of logic and judgment, which results in a tendency to lie (poorly).

Modern feminists like to call themselves right-brained and creative to help their gender insecurities and attempt to feel superior to men. They do not let petty facts discourage them, and claim that the reason there are few great female scientists and no great female artists is because of society. They pretend the religions and cultures of the world are inane, and claim the source of all their gender issues are males. Despite what they try to believe, reason it is a man's world is because men built the world.

Modern feminists also believe their bodies can be as strong if not stronger as a man's. They ignore the fact that sports require gender segregation to allow women to compete. Otherwise, little Suzy might be beaten in basketball by the taller, stronger men...and that wouldn't be good for her little girl self esteem, would it?

Girls try to compensate for their physical and mental deficiencies by creating "bitched out" versions of what men do. They try act hardcore and tough by sipping daddy's beer, blowing daddy's smokes, and on the days when they are feeling extra brave, swallowing daddy's Tylenol. Because they act against their nature, their pointless actions are parodies of male rebellion. Despite their acts of independence, they still have their swollen chest, frail body, and wide hips. Ironically, if it weren't for the sexual aesthetics modern feminism attacks, women would be ugly.

Women enjoy sex less than men because they have to be "in the mood" to "do it" and even then they often feel weak and helpless. They tend to enjoy sex less because, evolution wise, childbirth makes a man a father (if he desires) but is a weakening if not deadly experience for women. During and after a pregnancy they suffer psychological and physical trauma, and tend to become depressed from the hormonal imbalance. Despite this, they endure intercourse as a way to gold dig, to find a potential husband, and to feel a vacant sense of worth.
1. Women are dreamers and fantasizers, while men are doers and philosophers.

2. A woman likes to lie and pretend. They act like looking weak and stupid is "cute," although the real reason guys like it is because it makes them look easy. They will also strip to pay for a (little girl fad here) dress to "cleanse their mind and spirit."

3. Guy 1: So you broke up with her?
Guy 2: Yeah, that chick is crazy. She tried to use magic to punish me for "using" her.
Guy 1: Man, chicks are funny when they're pissed.
Guy 2: I know. She actually thinks I'll go bald.
by Mr. 1000 September 05, 2006
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Beings not seen or touched by 98% of the men who have posted on this subject thus far.
Highly attracted to males of the species who are reasonable to look at, have jobs, are relatively kind, sometimes take out trash, and treat them like equals (not superiors, not inferiors -- equals.) Happily give blowjobs in return.
Prefer large dicks. Secretly laugh at guys who convince themselves that size doesn't matter.
Are paid seventy five cents for every dollar a man makes in the exact same job, same demographic, and same education level.
To those men who cannot procure them (because said men are too mean, stupid, sexist, ugly, and unaccomplished) they cause intense feelings of failure, hatred, prejudice, violence, and need to post on boards stereotyping all women with one narrow, negative definition. Said men then jack off alone.
When said beings reject such specimens of men or express an intelligent opinion, they are bitches.
When they don't put out, they are also bitches. When they do, they are sluts.
Dick: "Women are illogical, make no sense, are emotionless blobs, nag constantly, are always man-hating. They should just shut up, clean house, kneel, know their place, and blow me."

Women: "Ha ha, you're just mad because you can't get any pussy and you've got a tiny pecker."

John: "Dick, you're a sexist asshole *punches Dick.* I respect smart, strong women. I love my mama. I like to eat pussy. I've got a job; I don't make a lot, but I work hard and I'm ambitious. I've seen a treadmill before."

Women: "John, we all love you. Can we please suck your giant cock? Would you like to have an orgy with us? Please, oh please?"

John: "Yes, ladies, I would appreciate that. May I hold the door open for you?"
by Lick_it_bitch August 25, 2006
roughly half of the earths population if not less, for some reason.
You know, its really hard seeing all this shit smeared everywhere about women being useless peices of skin around a pussy when YOUR MOTHER GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR HAIRY ASS.

good day.
by renalovesit March 26, 2007
One of the great souls on Earth, they, however, are almost never respected. Most perverts, such as most of the other people, see them only as bodies to give them what they want.
Women should be more respected.
by Nu-Freedom August 03, 2005
A fully-grown female, the younger of which a girl.
For all of those "men" saying that a woman's only place is either in the bedroom or the kitchen, remember that it takes a man AND a woman to make a child, and that your mother didn't have to give birth to your stupid ass.
by Sarahsuke June 09, 2003
Believe it or not, an actual human being, who deserves respect and equality with men. Not superior or inferior to men, but equal. Being different from men does not mean being inferior.
And no, we are not better because we have the children...what an idiotic thing to say, I'm tired of everyone using that. Not all women have children, you know.
Also, the group of humans that has received the most mistreatment throughout our world's history. Men and minority races have not received nearly as many ills as women have, and if you're a minority race AND a woman, then you've really felt the pain.
Women and men are both to be respected. Why live in hatred and fear?
by Cosima Muija January 22, 2009
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