A fully-grown female, the younger of which a girl.
For all of those "men" saying that a woman's only place is either in the bedroom or the kitchen, remember that it takes a man AND a woman to make a child, and that your mother didn't have to give birth to your stupid ass.
by Sarahsuke June 09, 2003
1)what i live my life for.2) should be placed on a pedestal.3) the gender of the human race that will not love any of these perverts that write this horrible shit about them.4)everything a real man cares about
i would give everything i have for that woman.
by aim: wel scorch0w June 12, 2003
Who your daughter will grow up to be. Raise her right.
"I can't believe that my little girl is already a woman!"
by Kartoon Kween January 10, 2008
women are people who can cuase great pain in a man or can cuase great love in a person and sometimes the best thing to do in life is find one that youwant to spend the rest of your life with and never let her go, hold on to her for the rest of your life and be happy
best thing in your life, women
by arroy84 August 17, 2009
completely equal to men. Can be nice or mean. Some are understandable, others not. let's not steryotype people...
a woman is a good thing
by sam March 11, 2005
The female human. Often accused of being a golddigger, manipulative and cruel. While some do fit this description, many do not. Women by nature are thoughtful, caring and trusting. Sometimes this can change often because of the way they were socialized or treated in their lifetime. Just like men, they can be cruel. But they are not all cruel, and they are not always cruel. Women are often idealized by men, meaning they are supposed to be perfect, which is impossible. This results in anger on behalf of some men. Women are also referred to as evil, often because they can have power over men and can occasionally take them to a status of "weakness". Just as men have power over women. Some men do not like the idea of being "weak" and therefore use this anger against women and commit violent acts toward them, or come onto UD and generalize all women in a hateful way.
In reality, a woman is the biological, spiritual, emotional and necessary parter of a man. When they appreciate each other and understand the other is just another version of themself, their relationship will flourish.
women, just like men, have faults, weaknesses, strengths and abilities. they are every bit as human as men. they should not be stereotyped into one negative lump.
by bayou August 25, 2006
1. Female of the human species. For counterpart, see also Man.
2. Is neither inherently superior, nor inferior to the male. What she lacks, he possesses and vice versus. Only distinguishable via genitalia.
3. Generally an emotional creature due to inherent hormonal physically traits resultant of genitalia necessary for child bearing.
4. Physically weaker than the male and, due to societal emphasis on physical prowess, tends to be forced/assume the role of an inferior or subservient creature thus the "prettier" of the species.
5. Tends to think with the right brain (creative) and thusly tends to be more creative than male counterpart.
6. Eve: purveryed of sin into the world.
7. Biologically, the muscular system of the female is considerably less developed than that of the male, however the bone structure/density of the female is far superior (as necessary for biological reproduction), thus contributing to the longer life span of the female.
8. When treated right, best damn thing any man could ever hope to have.
That poor woman needs an epidural!
That woman is HOW old?!
What a woman!
by Youknowwho June 04, 2003

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