After reading what men have posted about women on this site I want to say something to women.

Ladies, you know and I know that those demented tools who post hateful things about you are worthless pieces of shit. Ignore them. They have just finished watching rape porn and jerking off and decided to be clever.

Please don't become hard and never sink to their level. You must know that there are normal men out there who will always stick up for you.

As a man, I want to apologize for them and say that sometimes I am ashamed to be a man.
You fuckwits, ruin it for us normal men! Stop posting shit about women, woman, girl, girls!
by The Happy Humanist February 13, 2010
that one thing in the world that can be accounted for more than just some stupid pleasure of man. no! we are not here for your pleasure, nor are we here to be called 'useless skin around a vagina'. any man who will contrdict a woman's place to her therefore proves in place as scum in her mind with his filth of mind and sheer lack of intellegence.
Mark: o ba jaze boi she a fine woman

Sinead: fuckoff.
by georgeanna January 28, 2008
The most beautiful of the sexes. The sex that is able to bear life. More emotional than men. They are normally physically weaker than men.

Their bodies are physically life bearing, ie. Child grows in the womb, breasts for feeding and nurturing children.
"She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen"
by MuchachaLoca1 December 26, 2009
a strong inteligent human being who uses her brain instead of her sex to make descions.
wow, you are and awesome woman. your strong and inteligent.. i admire you... woman are awesome
by countrygl21 November 23, 2006
the female half of the human race. different from man in a few ways
1. More creative due to more right-brained-ness
2. Slighter smaller muscle mass
3. The ability to give birth
4. Usually more emotional due to biology
5. Usually less sex-crazed, again due to biology
6. and the obvious
Women are equal to men, and whoever say otherwise needs to be put in jail.
by *tweak* October 09, 2003
Many males believe women are for one thing: Something to make their penises hard. Other males may think women have a few more than this one commonly perceived use. Such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.
But these people who believe these are the sole reasons women were put on the Earth should be shot in the face.
Guy 1: My penis gets hard whenever I look at a Woman.
Guy 2: Yeah, mine too.
Girl 1: Shame on you! Pervert!
Guy 2: Wtf why are you out of the kitchen?
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 25, 2009
The female of the human race, the one who gives birth to the offspring of humans. Usually seen as the fairer sex, the aesthetic sex, the nurturing/emotive sex.

She is equal in about every way to men, save for some physical differences. She is just as intelligent and capable as the male... but men often overwhelm, harass, and dominate the ladies.
The woman are as capable and as intelligent as the man, if not more so... men just have a difficult time understanding and accepting that.
by Lorelili March 06, 2005
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