After reading what men have posted about women on this site I want to say something to women.

Ladies, you know and I know that those demented tools who post hateful things about you are worthless pieces of shit. Ignore them. They have just finished watching rape porn and jerking off and decided to be clever.

Please don't become hard and never sink to their level. You must know that there are normal men out there who will always stick up for you.

As a man, I want to apologize for them and say that sometimes I am ashamed to be a man.
You fuckwits, ruin it for us normal men! Stop posting shit about women, woman, girl, girls!
by The Happy Humanist February 13, 2010
A cluster of molecules that form human female.
a woman, man and everything else are clusters of molecules.
by Karlovacko Drinker October 16, 2007
The favorite scapegoat of men (eapecially on

"I am an unemployed ugly schlong who lives in momma's basement. Whose fault is it? WOMAN!"

"I am a moron on urbandictionary who's a virgin at age 25. Whose fault is it? WOMAN!"

"I am worthless and no one will ever love me. Whose fault is it? WOMAN!"
Hey, get a life you losers. And "A woman is the useless stuff around a vagina" is getting old and kind of emarrassing, even for you.
by The Happy Humanist February 13, 2010
A person who is hated by (99% of) men.

A person who can just sit back and let men on this site disgrace their sex by writing demented and fantastically unintelligent definitions of "the woman".

Here some pearls of wisdom written by men about women on (and they repeat it over and over again because they are really clever lads):

"Useless stuff around a vagina"
"An object - not unlike a toaster"
"Inferior lesser sex"
"Cunt who deserves to be slammed and beaten"
"Superficial illogical stupid money-grabbing creature of hate"
"Satan's work to torture innocent perfect men"
"Useful for three things - cooking, cleaning and sucking"
"A woman should be raped and beaten"
"A mobile sperm bank and dishwasher"

To those man-ish things that post shit like that: You are the best arguments for radical feminism and abortion. You prove that misogyny, sexism, male machismo, male stupidity, and misanthropy are real. ETERNAL SHAME on you. Eternal shame, you self-appointed master class.

A question to all women: Why don't you stand up to this? Why do you keep writing positive things about them? How can you live with them and bear their evil spawn when you know that they HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH?
Man hates woman.
by The Happy Humanist February 12, 2010
The other half of the human race; and therefore human! NOT a whore, slut, dog, dishwasher, or sex object (I know thats a surprise to many). Equal to, however different from, men. Not as physically strong to body make-up and fat content. They generally make up 60% of universities...
Many people seem to think that women are naturally hysterical and emotional, mainly because they have the "female" hormone esrtogen...This isn't actually true! Estrogen doesn't cause emotion, and men have it too. Another common idea is that women are naturally hormonally imbalenced, especially during 'that time of month,' and that if a women isn't being 'logical' she has PMS...
Actually a woman’s "time of the month" causes a spike in testosterone to equal a man's. So when we complain that a woman has PMS, at that moment she is hormonally a male; meaning at the same time one calls a woman 'hormonal' is when she acts like how a normal man is like all the time.
This is mainly a response to some of the sickening things being written about women..if anyone wants to prove that women are not considered equal humn beings just show them some of the comments on this site!!!
James: Have you met my woman Belle; she just graduated from Law school and I think she is important..
Theodore: No, but I know how you feel, as my woman is like my other half.
by severa February 09, 2009
that one thing in the world that can be accounted for more than just some stupid pleasure of man. no! we are not here for your pleasure, nor are we here to be called 'useless skin around a vagina'. any man who will contrdict a woman's place to her therefore proves in place as scum in her mind with his filth of mind and sheer lack of intellegence.
Mark: o ba jaze boi she a fine woman

Sinead: fuckoff.
by georgeanna January 28, 2008
i'm amazed that some of these misogynists can say "ALL" women are whores,bitches,etc. because i find it pretty imposssible that they've taken the time to get to know half of the world's population. oh wait no...their past experiences with women have been bad, so this gives them the right to judge 3 BILLION people.
Misogynist: "waaaaah...all my girlfriends have been horrible to me therefore all women are whores...waaaah"
woman: "wow and you say we're the ones who are irrational!?"
by attached_to_reality September 24, 2005

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