The most beautiful creatures created by God. They are angelic compared to the ugly mugs that god put on men.

They are the better half of humanity. Complex by nature, they are gentle and caring and possessive

If they are treated nicely and respected, they will rock your world.
by Gorander1 November 27, 2009
something mankind can't live without unless your gay..
gay people still need women if they want children
women make a man complete
halle berry sexy women attracts lots of men
beyounce very sexy women could have any man in the world
by lyrical August 03, 2006
the sex that deserves respect
they carry, take care of and love our children
they do everything a man cannot do so we shud be greatful to them
by lasdjlnapw asdvonlonsdgfs May 26, 2005
the opposite of a man, apparantly not allowed to burp, fart or in any way be better than a man...hey guys, WHY DON'T YOU HAVE THE DAMN BABIES!
man! i feel like a woman, doo doo doo doo doo!
by mrs valensi February 26, 2004
After reading what men have posted about women on this site I want to say something to women.

Ladies, you know and I know that those demented tools who post hateful things about you are worthless pieces of shit. Ignore them. They have just finished watching rape porn and jerking off and decided to be clever.

Please don't become hard and never sink to their level. You must know that there are normal men out there who will always stick up for you.

As a man, I want to apologize for them and say that sometimes I am ashamed to be a man.
You fuckwits, ruin it for us normal men! Stop posting shit about women, woman, girl, girls!
by The Happy Humanist February 13, 2010
Many males believe women are for one thing: Something to make their penises hard. Other males may think women have a few more than this one commonly perceived use. Such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.
But these people who believe these are the sole reasons women were put on the Earth should be shot in the face.
Guy 1: My penis gets hard whenever I look at a Woman.
Guy 2: Yeah, mine too.
Girl 1: Shame on you! Pervert!
Guy 2: Wtf why are you out of the kitchen?
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 25, 2009
The female of the human race, the one who gives birth to the offspring of humans. Usually seen as the fairer sex, the aesthetic sex, the nurturing/emotive sex.

She is equal in about every way to men, save for some physical differences. She is just as intelligent and capable as the male... but men often overwhelm, harass, and dominate the ladies.
The woman are as capable and as intelligent as the man, if not more so... men just have a difficult time understanding and accepting that.
by Lorelili March 06, 2005

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