i'm amazed that some of these misogynists can say "ALL" women are whores,bitches,etc. because i find it pretty imposssible that they've taken the time to get to know half of the world's population. oh wait no...their past experiences with women have been bad, so this gives them the right to judge 3 BILLION people.
Misogynist: "waaaaah...all my girlfriends have been horrible to me therefore all women are whores...waaaah"
woman: "wow and you say we're the ones who are irrational!?"
by attached_to_reality September 24, 2005
The most beautiful of the sexes. The sex that is able to bear life. More emotional than men. They are normally physically weaker than men.

Their bodies are physically life bearing, ie. Child grows in the womb, breasts for feeding and nurturing children.
"She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen"
by MuchachaLoca1 December 26, 2009
a strong inteligent human being who uses her brain instead of her sex to make descions.
wow, you are and awesome woman. your strong and inteligent.. i admire you... woman are awesome
by countrygl21 November 23, 2006
the female half of the human race. different from man in a few ways
1. More creative due to more right-brained-ness
2. Slighter smaller muscle mass
3. The ability to give birth
4. Usually more emotional due to biology
5. Usually less sex-crazed, again due to biology
6. and the obvious
Women are equal to men, and whoever say otherwise needs to be put in jail.
by *tweak* October 09, 2003
A female being capable of bringing a man to his knees.
Gets what she wants regardless of what a man says or thinks.
Can make a man cry, break his will, and his heart at the same time.
A female who thinks men are big babies that need to be coddled and taken care of.
An independent thinking female with no need for a man.
What a man wants but knows he can't ever have.
Man: I'm gonna beg that woman to give me another chance, even if I have to get down on my knees
Man: Woman, just tell me what you want
Man: Dammit, that woman is everything to me, I can't live without her
Woman: "That man is such crybaby, always whining and complaining about everything. Woman, do this, do that. Woman, where's this, where's that. It like I need a diaper bag for him whenever we go out."
Man: That woman don't need no one because she's already got it all, success, brains, and beauty
Man: That woman's out of my league.
by shelah March 17, 2008
A superior being responsible for all human life. Is the more kind, compassionate, caring, gentle, rational, and creative of the two genders. Her body is much more biologically complex than that of a man. The average lifespan of a woman is 7 years longer than men. She is less likely to engage in violent activity- being able to deal with her disputes with more civilized methods. She is better able to control her primal need for sex than men.

Men have managed to take control of society by using the one sole aspect in which they are superior to woman- brute strength. Man destroys while Woman creates.

The only reason the female seems to be overly concerned with her looks is because the male-dominated society has led her to believe since birth that she only has worth if she is beautiful.

The oppression she has had to endure throughout the history of humankind only serves to make her stronger.
A woman is a beautiful creature; highly superior to her male counterpart. The men who write the terrible things about them on this website are disgusting, pitiful excuses for human beings. They should go to their mothers immediately upon reading this and beg for their forgiveness and thank her for giving them life. Those who degrade women are only showing how extraordinarily inferior they are to her.
by Annee May 05, 2006
Human with XX chromosomes.
Clearly some men here have a weird problem with women, shown by the warped and generally psychologically imbalanced statements below.
I'd like to say I have nothing against men at all and that I'm not putting men down as you guys have been putting down women before I start addressing two points.

1. I know that crap some guy wrote about being female is a birth defect is just some kind of bitter and irrational metaphor but I might as well address it as if it were meant truthfully. The truth is that all embryos start off as female, and it is actually the Y chromosome that later on turns any babies male that could be perceived as a 'defect' (even though neither are), as it is only half the size of the second X chromosome, and it is the cause of haemophilia in males as they can be missing the blood clotting gene in the missing part of the chromosome, whilst females cannot get this condition as they have two full XX chromosomes.

2. One disturbed individual said that women are less intelligent due to having smaller brains than men. If you did any kind of science you would know that in humans brain size is not related to intelligence, men merely have bigger brains as their bodies are proportionately larger. This has also been shown by the fact that sufferers of the condition microencephaly (a condition where the patient's brain is far smaller than normal) do not have impaired brain functioning and indeed enjoy normal intelligence.
In fact, the neurons in female brains are more interconnected which allows electrical impulses to be transmitted much faster than in male brains. Another facet of this is the question of how the people below explain the fact that girls out-perform boys throughout school life, as surely if women were less intelligent this would not be the case.

The boys who have written the below should really think about their issues with women because as a psychology student it seems to me to be a very unhealthy attitude, probably stemming from deep insecurities within themselves and their own gender identity, or possibly from past bad emotional experiences that should be dealt with. I'm sorry if the latter is the case but it is still no excuse to be writing the poisonous and offensive things that are written below. Frankly, you give men a bad name. It is men like you who perpetuate those generalizations and ruin it for all the lovely, emotionally balanced men out there, and to be fair, you are doing exactly the same to women when you write all this stuff about all of us being inferior in every way so please stop and think about what you are doing and deal with your issues.

Woman, you rock!
by The Happy Humanist February 16, 2010

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