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noun (pl) wofos :

(short for) Waste of Functioning Organs

An individual who's existence sees no future. One who does not contribute to the advanced of human knowledge, or is simply useless. Someone who is truly useless.
Ex 1 : Rick: "My son is a wofo. I'm so ashamed. He sits around at home all day; he's a dropout, a druggie, a convict, and worst of all he smells!"

Ex 2 : Group of kids: "He look over there! Those other kids are torturing a cat! What wofos! Lets get 'em!"
by ArnoldHelfter October 27, 2014
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1. Short for wother fucker.
2. Upside down Mofo.
Look at that Mofo over there hanging upside down like a Wofo!
by Mofowofo August 03, 2010
Hawaiian Pidgin for "What for".
"Wo fo you stay da bed li'dat, brah?"

"I tryin fo tink."
by ILikeLanguageFeatures March 11, 2010
Waste Of Functioning Organs. An arrogant prick who thinks he is clever but is in actuality a real jerk, not very bright and takes things for granted
My lodger is pathetic and a WOFO he is too stupid to even be an organ donor
by legalise it Chuff one, hippo20 October 04, 2013

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