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One who engages in any risky behavior (i.e. skydiving, motorcycling, etc.) without taking due precations and using proper safety equipment (i.e. a helmet).
Check out the dork on the 4-wheeler going over those ramps at 60, without a helmet!
by BillG July 04, 2005
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A rider (motorcycle) that does not wear a helmet while doing risky riding manuevers.
If that guy doin the stoppie doesnt put on a helmet, he'll be a organ donor.
by thepanthera June 24, 2005
one who is so generous that they will temporarily donate their prized organ (penis) for benefit of another person.
that girl is so hot she could make me an organ donor.
by dontdiewondering December 10, 2009
Something or someone with latent usefulness but as a package is totally worthless.
Konqueror, the open source web browser project by the KDE team, is organ donor software. Its KHTML rendering engine has been popularized by Google Chrome and Safari, but Konqueror itself has faded into oblivion where it likely belongs.

Johnny's so dumb, the only way he'll contribute to society is as an organ donor.
by whatdoesthisbuttondo March 30, 2010
Track by DJ Shadow on Preemptive Strike.
Baby, I drove from Clearwater to Gainesville for the Growl all fuckin' stoned listening to Preemptive & Private Press... how long was I in the car? Baby, very trancie tracks mixed up there... hehe. I love this purple shit on the road.
by justsaymore April 18, 2004
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