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someone who rents and lives in a furnished room
The lodger rented a room as he has no money to buy a house
for himself.
by sateesgerrard January 17, 2010
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a kick-ass band from finland (yes finland) whose first two singles have been made into flash music videos and can be seen at as of now, july 14 2004, their album, hi-fi high lights down low, is not in america yet
have you heard lodger's new song?
who's lodger?
oh, right
by dusty July 14, 2004
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that shit that gets caught in your throat when you have a bad cold.
Excuse me while i get this lodger out of my throat.
by crooks August 17, 2005
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that mucus that gets caught in your throat from that real bad cold or flu.
Hawkkk! let me get this lodger out of my throat.
by crooks September 01, 2005
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