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Woaf, that car was going fast.
by LaffinBoy May 15, 2008
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"Waste of A Face" In essence, this is a person who would otherwise be classified as physically attractive, but their complete lack in personality keeps you disinterested.
It's such a shame that Rey is a WOAF. I can't hold a conversation with him, so I just tune him out and appreciate him for his looks.
by non-woaf January 06, 2012
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A flamboyant homosexual by the name of Russel K. Originated when he "came out of the closet". Often uese as a simile to compare and show homosexuality in other.
You're so gay you're a woaf.
by Anonymous March 22, 2005
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Acronym: Waste of a Fuck. A particularly objectionable, particularly pathetic person, so called because he or she literally ruined the act of two people once having sex thus conceiving this individual
He hasn't got a job, he picks fights with friends, he treats his girl like shitl, he's somewhat a woaf
by Desmond McRussian April 27, 2007
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