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Drug slang for an ounce. Derived from the abbreviation oz. Which reads out as OZ. Which then formulates into Wizard of Oz.
Man, Chris picked up a Wizard of some dank headies the other night.
by CritterFur July 09, 2010
A Boss / person in charge / management who sometimes/often makes decisions that seem illogical to the rest of the world. Their decisions often seem magical to subordinates, customers, etc, but often not to other wizards. May be shortened to the wiz, possibly derived from "the wiz kid" or "the wonder kid".
1. My boss wants me to revise version 4 of my memo back to what I had written in version 1.

The wizard down the hall has that project in a vicious cycle of memomorphosis.

2. Management has decreed that absolutely everytime someone enters the building, they have to sign in and out at the front desk, wich is inconvenient for the delivery man.

It takes three times as long to receive deliveries now that the delivery guy has to sign in and out 37 times at the front desk every time he brings in a box... wonder wich wizard though of that.
by Polishsausag September 10, 2007
Something Nuncio S. dreams to be one day. He wants it more than a career that pays 1,000 bucks per minute.
Me: Nuncio, do you want to be a wizard?
Nuncio: Why, yes I do. Thanks for letting me share my dream with you.
by veryveryrandomperson December 15, 2007
1, Someone who is increadably smart
2, A person who uses magic for good purpose
1, Dude, you are a total wizard, it's like you know everything!
2, Bilbo, do you think i am some amature wizard!!?
by Mastikator November 04, 2004
When you drink your height in beer cans.
kid: Yo bro what did you do this weekend?
Wizard: I became a wizard
by Awreck January 27, 2011
1. A hott guy that is awsome and knows how to start a party and please everyone. Usually very smart, creative and attractive.

2. Jean
Jose: Where are we going?

Coral: Idk

Priscilla: Were goiong to see the fucking Wizard of Cf dont cha know....

Reba: Wats Jeans nickname

Priscilla: The Wizard of course

Reba&Priscilla: We fucking Love the Wizard
by VillaPris February 03, 2007
1)a proffesional male magician, usually of great age and knowledge and ranked of greater skill than a shaman or enchanter

2)one of great skill or knowledge in a certain area, especially computers

3)a microsoft program designed to make easier a certain task, such as pictures
1)The wizard muttered a strange word, and with a wave of his hand he transformed the egg into an omelette.

2)Frank is a typing wizard.

3)I used the Win Zip (R) wizard to recongigure the files.
by Dannyboy July 01, 2003