When something is cool, awesome, or epic but on a higher level where such words would be unable to describe it.
Alfred: Mr. Wayne sir adding a cape to your costume would be so wizard....
by HolidayAwesomeGuy February 08, 2012
A phenomena caused by friction; occuring when an eldery gentleman's grey 'beard' rubs against the inside of his polyester trousers, resulting in an electric shock being administered to anyone touching his 'wand'.
Gladys' eyes shot open in shock as she felt the sparks from Albert's semi-flaccid cock shoot across her toothless gums.
"Wizard!" she thought.
by Dirty Animals January 16, 2009
Another word for awesome, cool, alright, superific, fantabulous, totally frickin' amazing or any other positive word you can think of :)
'Hey dude, d'ya like beans?'
'Yeah i like beans'
by helloilikebeansdoyoulikebeans September 28, 2011
Can often replace the word " beast " or "animal". said after smebody does something amazing.
1. Yo Dawuud be mad Wizard at football
2. Sex with Rob last night was amzing hes like a wizard with that big wand!!
3. Damn that was mad wizard how you do that shit
by Default CPU Module 16482 November 15, 2011
Another way of saying something is good or cool.
That shirt is wizard
by A Million Lights June 21, 2013
An ounce (28.35g) of cannabis.

Derived from the fact that "ounce" is conventionally abbreviated to oz., which brings to mind the Wizard of Oz.
Dude, if we all chip in together we could buy a wizard!
by stoner_joesiph January 02, 2012
A magical being who uses a staff, wands do not count.
e.g Gandalf is a wizard, wheres Harry Potter is not.
Gandalf is a wizard
by AlpacaCat February 15, 2012

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