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contraction for the words "with" and "the"
I was gonna go withe Petersons to Disneyland
I was playing the cd withe cd player.
by Jerad November 29, 2003
Labrador slang for hauled, fucked, basically short for withered. It can mean the way you feel, or you can describe somebody as withe. Either way an awesome word.
I was so withe after that party, I drank way too much.
That chick is withe, completely fucked in the head
by MandaMoonlight January 24, 2009
a slang contraction for "with" and "the" often used when you mistype and are too lazy to fix it.
I went "withe" whole famn damly on vacation
by boreduser September 02, 2009
the word that you accidentally write while trying to write the words "with the". this happens because "with" has a "th" and "the" starts with that so its a very common mistake
Susie was typing her report:

"...and the dolphins left withe whales and..."
by DevilsAdvocat1998 October 05, 2011
the contraction of “with the” and pronounced that way; it does not rhyme with tithe.

The guy withe jeans and sneakers
by jpost ma November 05, 2008
Preposition. Old English. Used as a replacement to 'with' but to exclaim the extreme approval of a situation where two people are in close proximity with each other, generally within the flirting or playful mannerisms.
it's obvious how they were born to be withe each other!
by All_The_Good_Names_Were_Gone February 20, 2011
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