Noun. The new Windows OS that is supposedly glich free.
by Kathryn Stryker August 29, 2005
The new version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
I sure hope that Windows Vista isn't another hot, fresh, steaming pile of poop from Microsoft!
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg July 24, 2005
A target for mac users to trash. Actually, it is a very powerful OS that is supported by any developers. It only crashes when an inexperienced user makes it crash, and is perfectly secure when a decent antivirus program is installed. Mac users blame it for copying Mac's GUI, when really Mac copied the idea of a GUI from Xerox. The only problem with Vista is the addition of User Account Control, which can be disabled easily. Overall, it's a great operating system that is user friendly as well as configurable.
Windows Vista User: Wanna play some Halo 2?
Mac User: No, I use a Mac. Vista is too bloated for my tastes.
Vista User: I have a half-decent system, so the requirements are no problem.
Mac User: That must have cost a fortune!
Vista User: Not at all. It definitely costs less than your Mac.
Mac: Well, your PC probably can't edit photos and videos, just like the new version of Mac OS X can.
Vista User: If I wanted to, I could have been doing those things for years.
Mac User: Fine, if you say so. I'm going to create photo masterpieces with Photobooth and share them on Facebook.
Vista User: So you're going to make heart shapes with your hands and take sepia pictures of yourself then add some kind of fagetty quote? Just give up.
by ovrkll August 12, 2009
The crappy name for the new windows coming in '06. Replaced the far better codename of longhorn. It will be 64-bit capatable along with more microsoft shit that will only be made obsolete by linux in less than a year.

Quite possibly it will mean about 1200 different things in different languages and forever dubbed as Windows Raping Chili Fries. Microsoft should've learned from all the car companies and named it Windows ZT 2450.
Did you get Windows Vista?

What? I only have mastercard, sorry.
by me > you August 21, 2005
The most recent OS from Microsoft, usually blamed for any computer problem whether it is OS related or not. Especially when trying to run Windows Vista on the minimum requirements or less, or connecting to the internet without an active anti-virus and firewall.
Jon: "Windows Vista sucks."

Bob: "Why?"

Jon: "I bought this computer only a week ago for $200 bucks, its got 512 gb of ram and a Celeron processor and its running slow as a snail, and it won't run my DOS copy of Wolfenstein."

Bob: "You know you should have at least 1 gig of ram, preferably 2, and at least a pentium 4 wouldn't hurt."

Jon: "I only use it to surf the internet and check email, why would I need all that?"

Bob: (sighs) "Never mind. Hey you do have an anti-virus and a firewall, though, right?"

Jon: "Whats that?"

Bob: "Thats not good, but at least if you get a virus, User Account Control will prevent it from having access to sensitive system files."

Jon: "I turned that off because it kept asking me for permission and that was annoying."

Bob: (facepalm) "Forget we had this conversation. You're right. It must be Vista."
by Miryam Websta February 08, 2009
A recently released version of windows that mac idiots often bash for its supposed errors. All of the critics of vista usually have not used the os at all, but just feel cool for crying and wishing mac was better. Mac=emo, nonconformists, crybaby hippies. Vista=mainstream,
Mac: Dude Windows Vista sucks it has errors narr!!!!
PC: You should probably learn how to use a computer.
Mac: Lets save the world, vista is stupidd!!! narrrrkkk!
by big poppy33 March 06, 2009
Microsofts newest operating system, much faster than Windows XP but people can't use it properly and start ranting on about it being crap
Windows Vista is so much better than XP, it no longer looks like a toddler-style computer and programs respond more
by VistaIsAwesome July 28, 2008
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