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n. A cool, place in Washington where everything is AMAZING. Dude, Microsoft was created here. People driving around in Mazeratis. Go Redmond!
Guy 1: Hey, Look, That girl is from Redmond!
Guy 2: How do you know?
Guy 1: She is AMAZING! And so is Redmond!
by Nat.... March 20, 2008
a cool, diverse town in Washington, home of Microsoft! Most students attend Redmond High School, which has a state-of-the-art Arts program and excellent sports teams-Go Stangs! We've got our share of misfits (druggies, emos, douchebags, etc.,) but most of them we ostracized to the plateau. There is plenty to do around here, nice parks, and an overall awesome community.
Redmond > Sammamish
by GoldandGreen March 14, 2011
A term used by computer enthusiasts to refer to Microsoft as the company originates from Redmond, Washington.
Take note Redmond, Linux can fit a whole OS in 80MB, not GB.

Guy 1: "Did you hear? Redmond's going to release a product that doesn't suck."
Guy 2: Is it a vacuum cleaner?
by collateral.damange March 16, 2011
An awesome place in Washington.
Have you ever been to Redmond?
No, have you?
by DJ.T3K July 12, 2011
a akward looking juvinile who is a descrace to every thing he does. the redmond also has a nasty mess of a hair cut.
damn those redmonds agrivate me sometimes.
by mexican cacti June 20, 2009
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