The next Windows OS that will succeed XP as the most powerful, innovative and secure OS Microsoft have ever released... or in non-bullshit terms, powerful because it will require astronomical hardware requirements for all the extra bloat, by innovative they assume that you have never heard of this thing called Mac OS X which they have shamelessly ripped off and by secure they mean for the first nanosecond it is released before it is picked apart by hackers and crackers.

It will feature several exclusive products which are only available because of it's unique and advanced features... or again in plain English - M$ have intentionally crippled their stuff to only work on this OS and thus alienating their own users. No wait, sorry, this is an *incentive* to upgrade!

Last but not least it is a huge DRM update, supporting crap like TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and HDCP where even if you are legit but didn't fork over the dough for a HDCP compliant graphics card, CD drive and monitor you'll get no movie. Hey, that's a nice 32" widescreen plasma display you have there... wait, no HDCP? No movie for you chump! Oh, did I forget to mention that it will also have a "black box" feature? But don't worry, it's only for collecting data for quality feedback to make the next product even better - would they lie to you?
Hasta la Vista baby!

User: I just upgradede to Windows Vista! I love it's new features! They're awesome!
Linux/Mac user: Duh...
M$/RIAA/MPAA/FBI: Yes, it has some very nice features indeed.
by generic December 21, 2006
Windows Vista is Microsoft's 6th operating system and has many bad reviews and comments. Strangely some people like it over the better operating systems including myself
Windows Vista sucks
by GYWTHNONBRAIN January 09, 2010
If cars ran on Windows Vista:

7:30 am. Johnny goes to get in his car (that he's making $700 monthly payments on). As soon as he turns the key, the car freezes. He tries to shift the car into reverse, but it doesn't respond. He fiddles with it for a couple minutes, before the car starts. He has to go through a range of windows to give permission for it to work. "Gearshift.exe needs your permission to run." "Steeringwheel.exe", "Radio.exe", etc. By the time he leaves, it's 7:37 and he's probably going to be late for work.

He's on a country road fifteen minutes later, when he gets a message. "Steeringwheel.exe has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution." just as he's about to go around a curve. Just as he slams head on into a Windows 7 car, his car says "Airbag.exe needs your permission to run." Obviously he can't react in time for the crash, so the airbag doesn't deploy. After the crash, his hand slips, hits "Yes", and the airbag punches him in the face, causing further injury. The driver of the Windows 7 car walks away.

Good thing the emergency room doesn't run on Windows Vista.
Windows Vista is better than Windows ME, and worse than Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP, 7, 8... well pretty much any non ME Windows released since 1990.
by hoyclan June 10, 2014
One of the most crappiest computer systems in the world.

For most flash games and Youtube videos, it requires you to constantly move your mouse to continue watching the video without it freezing up. The computer may also freeze up at many points and occasions. It's an opperating system you dont want to have.
Guy 1) What is better? Windows Vista or 7?

Guy 2) 7.

Guy 1) Why?

Guy 2) Because Vista is bullshit.
by Jajajajajaja November 16, 2013
The shitastic OS brought to you by Microsoft. It precedes Windows 7, but was after XP. It was forced down the throats of everyone who bought a new PC before Windows 7 became available.
Person 1: Hey I bought a new laptop!
Person 2: You should have bought one before Windows Vista became available.
Person 1: Why? :(
Person 2: Cause now you got the crappy Vista instead of XP!
by DuchessBlarg September 26, 2011
the most hated os of all time. the mass opinion is: its slow, has bani bugs, always 1 gb of ram to run, is unsave agains viruses, mac osx leopard is better.

this mass opinion are not 100% true. intelligent people dont go with the flow and support the mass oppinions, they make their own opinion.

for example, if you have a crappy pc, dont buy vista, vista needs a proper pc than you have. some people with crappy pcs bought vista, it diddnt work, they startet bitching around and now everybody belives vista sucks.

or, vista is so unsave... ähhh install a proper anti virus programm and dont watch so much porn you idiot.

or, oh god the driver problems!!! ok thats true, i admit it.

or, everything looks different i cant navigate trough. yes it sucks, but be happy! you have your task bar, you can press ctrl+alt+del and the taskmanager will come up, you can press windowskey+e and the explorer will come up. with vista on your pc you are way better of navigating than on a mac. (if you have used xp before)

if we remeber the xp realese... it was the same story, everybody hatet it and said they dont want to use it. now after some sevice packs everybody beleves xp is the best os ever. wow...

the coolest thing about vista haters is that most of them dont even run vista. they just heard it sucks so they dont give it a try. well thats ok but stop bitching around you dumb fucks. god damn -.-
troll: hey what os do you run?

guy: windows vista ultimate, it runs good

troll: omg stfu vista n00b! xp ownz j00!!

guy: wow... wtf was that?

troll: stfu you and your vista suck ass. vista is epic fail!

guy: have you ever even tried it you failtroll?

troll: no cuz my friends sayd it sucks, and it does

by anon349862093468 June 06, 2009
microsofts new software. ive heard that its better thought because it looks better and only crashes once an hour instead of twice. worst of all, they removed microsoft sam!!!!!
by Just Shut Up February 08, 2009
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