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Something extremely shitty. So shitty that its almost great.
Q: So how are you today Alex?
A: Shitastic.

Wow, that hangover was shitastic
by Anonymous January 23, 2003
sarcastic term for not so fantastic
That stamp collection is shitastic.
by molestword July 29, 2008
When you're day goes fantastically shitty. Or so shittly fantastic.
Damn.. my day has been shitastically amazing!
by TheListo October 24, 2010
An adjective used to describe something that was initially pleasant or fantastic, but ended up really shitty.
Shittyness usually progresses.
Guy: Today was so shitastic.

Guy 2: What happened?

Guy: Well everything was going good until my girlfriend

dumped me for her stepsister.

Guy 2: Man that sucks!

Guy: Yea and that's not even the worse part, turns out she

gave me herpes too. Oh and someone stole my iPhone

outta of my car.

Guy 2: That's so shitastic man!


Girl: Man, Kelly is such a shitastic bitch.

Girl 2: Why, what'd she do?

Girl: Well she seemed totally cool at first, but the I found out

she's been sleeping with my father!
by TheWordCreatorOriginator December 14, 2011
The felling that over comes a person after taking a shit that makes you feel good.
Tim was feeling like shit all day untill taking a massive shit now he feels shitastic.
by I am Sean February 22, 2009
somthing that is shity or really sucks. Like saying someone or something is shity in a better way.
That shirt is fuckin' shitastic.
by jheremy December 12, 2008
Something that is really horrible for someone, but really awesome and exciting for you.
Nurse Traci stated, "You can wake me up if some shitastic comes in the ED."
by purdymouth October 11, 2014
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