Computer operating system. and BTW my winXP hasn't crashed since i installed it last year
I just installed windows.
by amrit September 15, 2003
who cares
why do so many people fight about how good windows is? who cares
by Deahenle July 19, 2003
A thing to look out of when you want to be serious
Me: *Looks out window*
Wife: What did you need?
Me: I know you ate the last cookie... I want a divorce.
by AlexWhiteRules August 25, 2010
Windows is a complicated armed forces code which really means "Dead on Site". "Dead on Site"'s acrynym is DOS and since DOS is linked to Windows they recoded it to Windows.
-"Base to CRO ((Cheif Radio Operator)), what's the TC ((tent city, code for prison camp)) look like?
-"CRO to base, we have 10 POWs who've gone through the Windows, 5 with a pal ((code for mal pal which is code for malaria)) and five friends of Jack ((Hungry Jack meals are prized possessions so friends of Jack would be people starving)).
by Sid Barrett August 07, 2008
a computer operationing system which in order to run free of bugs (that were not originally included on installation disc) must be kept away from any internet connection.
A: "Dude i got a virus on my Windows CP!"
B: "Were you connected to the internet?"
A: "Yes..."
B: "There you go!"
by Linx_rulz September 10, 2006
look up crap
damn my fucking windows has broke.
by bob saget June 21, 2004
An opportunity.When one door closes, you can jump out the window.
Hey she took the window and made a fortune selling snax at the footy.
by Susy the Hot May 31, 2004

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