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1. Centered on one's self. Selfish. Derived from the latin words "ego" meaning "I," and "centric" meaning "focused upon."

2. Philosophical theory stating that everyone is stranded in their own private universe and cannot truely know or be known by anyone else.

3. Dense. Referring to a person who assumes their first throught is correct every time.
Fury: Oh crap, I just got hacked!
Phy: My guild just beat a boss in WOW :D
Fury: ...egocentric mofo.

I can't help but be a little egocentric.

ButcherOrgg: Americans need to ban all guns like us!
Fury: Think maybe you're being egocentric?
by EternalFury July 18, 2005
EgoCentric (not Sentric} - The definition is in the word. One's ego is centered around him/herself.
1) "Your egocentricity makes you believe you've grown the best tomatoes in the city"

2) Egocentric people are often excluded from intimate dinner parties.
by fitkv June 04, 2010
Unable to accept that there is a better way, lamely clinging to you outdated and sad opinion.
Guns are good m'kay? All the world should have at least 2 guns per person like we Americans do. It's safer right?

Can you be more egocentric?
by Keepthoseeyesclosed November 16, 2011
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