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A dildo of Wooden make. Generally used in the medievil era. Much less used in todays time, though it isnt uncommon to see such objects in the private collections of older, wealthy women. Some say the cool, smooth texture of a wildo is much preferred to that of the rubbery texture of a normal Dildo.
"I can't believe she uses a wildo!"
"I know those are so outdated...but they do feel absolutely wonderful!"
by JMenz223 January 26, 2009
30 7
A wooden dildo! Often crafted of pine or hickory, therfore creating a pleasant scent!
She doesnt use latex, she uses a wildo!
by pmb002 March 07, 2009
7 4
A short way to combine "Will" and "dildo".
Will Chambers is often refered to as "Wildo".
by M.C. Peepants December 09, 2003
11 23