a nintendard who only plays games on the wii because they think having a vibrator as a control is the coolest thing since sliced bread!
why would i want to be a wiitard instead of an awsome human being and play what i want to play?
by joel stephenson September 13, 2007
A person who owns a Wii gaming system and thinks it is better then the ps3 or xbox 360.
Anyone who brags about there Wii is a Wiitard
by Ghostismyname September 04, 2007
Anyone that is still bidding around $600+shipping for the basic bundle from the same people who bought them up for the $250 retail price! Them people shivering in parking lots don't look so Wii-tarded now do they? They all think If they don't get one by Christmas their children will hate them forever! And don't forget that precious receipt-please give me a break already or better yet get a clue and leave these Wii-tailers stuck with about 20,000 consoles listed!
Example? Example!?! just click on Ebay right now and just look at the highest bidders-there's your example of a Wii-tard! Also could someone please right the definition for the tags I created, I think I've done my part:>
by Wiiwarner December 14, 2007
1) Someone too retarded to play the Nintendo Wii.

2) Someone too retarded to say the word retarded without saying wii or wree instead of re.

Wii-tard - Ugh! I just can't play Zelda... it's too freaking hard!

Dude - Shut up to wii-tard!


Wii-tard - your such a wree-tard!

Dude - The word is RE-tard or WII-tard you numpty!
by dying_wolf June 08, 2007
Someone who is bad at playing the Wii.
I was playing with some Wii-tard last night, he sucks.
by Chris Watkins December 06, 2007
the vapid creature one becomes after the lack of sleep from playing Nintendo Wii into the early morning hours.
Man, Nick's been bowling since we got home. He's such a Wii-tard.
by Aydrianne May 26, 2007
1. someone who buys a wii for way too much money
2. someone above 18 who plays a wii and isn't drunk of their ass
tom: "I just bought a wii from somebody for just $800!"
con: "...wii-tard..."
by orginalgangstarob November 15, 2007
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