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some one who whilst playing a nintendo wii looks like there having spasms,
"man that Wiitard can sure bust some moves on mario"
"dont use the nunchuck controller, youll look like a real Wiitard"
by Blackmath1 December 05, 2006
31 38
A person who owns a Wii gaming system and thinks it is better then the ps3 or xbox 360.
Anyone who brags about there Wii is a Wiitard
by Ghostismyname September 04, 2007
13 21
Anyone that is still bidding around $600+shipping for the basic bundle from the same people who bought them up for the $250 retail price! Them people shivering in parking lots don't look so Wii-tarded now do they? They all think If they don't get one by Christmas their children will hate them forever! And don't forget that precious receipt-please give me a break already or better yet get a clue and leave these Wii-tailers stuck with about 20,000 consoles listed!
Example? Example!?! just click on Ebay right now and just look at the highest bidders-there's your example of a Wii-tard! Also could someone please right the definition for the tags I created, I think I've done my part:>
by Wiiwarner December 14, 2007
4 19
1) Someone too retarded to play the Nintendo Wii.

2) Someone too retarded to say the word retarded without saying wii or wree instead of re.

Wii-tard - Ugh! I just can't play Zelda... it's too freaking hard!

Dude - Shut up to wii-tard!


Wii-tard - your such a wree-tard!

Dude - The word is RE-tard or WII-tard you numpty!
by dying_wolf June 08, 2007
3 19
Someone who is bad at playing the Wii.
I was playing with some Wii-tard last night, he sucks.
by Chris Watkins December 06, 2007
3 20
the vapid creature one becomes after the lack of sleep from playing Nintendo Wii into the early morning hours.
Man, Nick's been bowling since we got home. He's such a Wii-tard.
by Aydrianne May 26, 2007
9 27
1. someone who buys a wii for way too much money
2. someone above 18 who plays a wii and isn't drunk of their ass
tom: "I just bought a wii from somebody for just $800!"
con: "...wii-tard..."
by orginalgangstarob November 15, 2007
2 23