A person that can't quite grasp the concept of Wii.
This person will often lose to young children.
Also has trouble with Nintendo, Play Station 3, and X Box.
My 8 yr old niece and I were boxing against each other on Wii, and she knocked me out 4 times.
I am such a Wii-tard.
by going fishin July 09, 2009
one who purchases all the games and add-ons to the wii before buying the wii
My gf and I are total wiitards, we have two guitars, the fit, and mario kart--but we're waiting for the wii to come back in stock at best buy!
by dr duffman January 10, 2009
someone who obsesses over playing wii
"i love playing wii"
"sarah, ur such a wiitard."
by nat nat moo moo January 28, 2008
A retard whose main goal in life appears to be spending as much time as possible playing Wii.
Malcolm: OMG, did you know you can get COD on Wii? I got to level 50 already and I only got it an hour ago!

Wendy: You're such a Wii-tard.
by NaziCookieMonster January 28, 2011
Someone who plays wii all the time, and usually has never had any real exercise.
Person 1: "I try to lose weight by playing wii fit, is that enough?"

person 2 whispering to person 3: "wiitard >.>"
by hazalife January 24, 2010
Someone who can't stop playing their Wii to actually talk to you for once.
Me: Hey, man.
Billy: ...
Me: Dude.
Billy: ...
Me: ...
Me: You're a wiitard.
by schwagames March 08, 2008
Any person who cannot, no matter how hard they try, get the hang of using a Wii.
"Sally's such a wii-tard, she can't even do the will bowl without f*cking up and hitting the A button everytime!"
by Absolut Ang March 12, 2009
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