Somebody who tricks out their Wii and loves to talk about how cool it is.
"I hacked my Wii and can turn my TV into a strobe light."

"Keep being a wiitard and watch me punch you in the face."
by taraka.san October 09, 2009
A person who is unable to grasp the basic motor skills to play the Wii.
Andrea plays Wii tennis like a wiitard.
by MichaelGrant May 26, 2008
Adjective describing persons who are slow, poor, or incompetent at playing and/or understanding the Wii games or Wii game system.
While playing bowling on the Wii game system, Jerry immortalized his status as a Wii-tard by continually throwing the bowling ball backwards.
by Dr. KB December 23, 2008
Somebody who isn't proficient at playing Nintendo Wii games.
I beat Sally in straight sets on Wii Tennis last night. Man, she's a real Wiitard!
by Writemix April 08, 2010
Somebody who lives of the Nintendo Wii, spends all their money buying the games and accessories and often uploads reviews about them to Youtube.
All you ever do is play on that damn Wii, face it, you're a Wii-tard
by ColdRicePudding June 05, 2009
person who acts stupid while using the wii system
Shani is such a Wii Tard that she got hit with a shell 3 times in 2 seconds; Jasmine is so Wii Tarded that she falls over while playing her mario cart
by Jassanese February 08, 2009
Playing Wii sports while on ecstasy.
man 1: "man im rolling balls"
man 2: "lets play another round of wii golf"
man 1: "okay Wii-tard"
by ice.slim December 07, 2009
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