a person who wants a nintendo Wii so bad they will preform lude acts.
vijay is such a Wiitard i saw him acting like a cock whore behind gamestop.
#wii #nintendo #tard #retard #whore
by pp51doodoo January 05, 2007
'Wiitard' wee • tard, Wiitarded, Wiitardation; video gaming parlance; contraction of 'Nintendo Wii' (video game console made by the Nintendo corporation) and 'retard' (to delay or hamstring; someone who suffers from an intellectual or learning disorder which slows or curtails mental development).
1. A person who plays with a Nintendo Wii (or Wii-U) video games console
2. A person who plays 'casual' (child orientated) video games
3. A person who fawns upon the Nintendo brand name
'Timmy plays Super Smash Brothers?! What a Wiitard!'
'This game is too easy- it's Wiitarded.'
'There are too many Wiitards in this gaming forum for us to hold a mature discussion.'
#wiitard #wii #nintendo #casual #nintentard
by Oishiimaru August 11, 2013
A hardcore Nintendo fanboy who will not accept that the Wii is an inferior gaming system.
Weston: I've been looking for 45 minutes but I can't seem to find a good Wii game...

Game Store Employee: You Wiitard, go buy a PS3. Wii games are for 12 year old girls!
#fanboy #noob #non-gamer #loser #wii-tard
by SPT Leary March 26, 2010
Someone who sucks at playing simple games on the wii.
"Erin, I am gonna shit a brick if I have to jump over one more bowling ball, you wiitard"
#nintendo #wii #video #game #sports
by juanchurro November 30, 2007
Someone who is inept with the usage of the Nintendo Wii and its various attachments.
Dude, this game is easy, you Goddamned Wiitard.
#wii #nintendo #jew curls #trauma center: second opinion #the puff
A Wii-tard is someone who is so incredibly stupid, insignificant, and idiotic, that they either like, own, or have ever played, touched, looked at, thought about, or conceived of that little white paperweight of a Japanese calculator they call a Nintendo Wii. Wii-tards are the kind of people who have malformed motor and cognitive reasoning centers in their brains, which is neither unfortunate nor an excuse for hurling their cute little Wii-motes and Wii-chucks through their TVs because they are too dumb to hold onto them, or their inherent stupidity in buying two Gamecubes duct-taped together in the first place. Wii-tards are against art, creativity, and any progressive thought because they continue to be mesmerized by the entire lack of third party creativity that the Wii is rife with, such as Nintendo’s inability to make a game that starts without “Mario” or “Samus” in the title, or whatever other stupid crap that has been repeated over and over again, even after getting old with the N64. Wii-tards enjoy quick, brainless, shallow, and poorly built activities like Wii games playable for 5 minutes or less if and only if they are at someone's house, and want to try out how "cute" and adorably stupid it is to sling their arms around a room while staring at a TV screen. The Wii-tards think they are cool, but the simple fact that they actually have the ability to believe that Wiis are cool is a “sign” that they should be exterminated immediately, as they are a threat to all of humanity.
Hey- look at that Wii-tard- KILL IT before it infects us all with its contagion!
#wii #video games #gamer #nintendo #shit #evil #stupid
by sparkles mcgee November 05, 2007
some one who whilst playing a nintendo wii looks like there having spasms,
"man that Wiitard can sure bust some moves on mario"
"dont use the nunchuck controller, youll look like a real Wiitard"
#nintendo #wii #retard #gamer #geek #nerd #spasm
by Blackmath1 December 05, 2006
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